YouEye launches world-first solution for qualitative research analysis

Businesswoman Making Presentation To Office Colleagues

Market research and qualitative analytics technology provider YouEye has launched the Experience Analytics Platform, designed to help marketers, product developers, researchers and brands extract valuable and quantifiable insights from unstructured or semi-structured data such as recordings of focus groups or one-on-one interviews.

By providing businesses with the ability to conduct qualitative studies remotely and process data via analytics, the Experience Analytics Platform provides speed, scale and efficiency to the process of qualitative research.

The platform’s Behaviour Metrics feature automates the previous manual process of identifying key user behaviours in focus groups, while the Demographic Segmentation feature processes and filters data based on participant profiles, so businesses can pinpoint the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of a very specific type of consumer within the study.

The Experience Analytics Platform includes a Highlights Creation component, which automatically condenses raw video data into highlight reels that correspond with behaviour metrics and illuminate a study’s most important moments.

Other features include integration of multiple modes of data collection, and a Research Tasks module to help research teams collaborate more effectively.

“With the launch of our Experience Analytics Platform, we are clearly established as the leader in market research and qualitative analytics technologies,” said Malcolm Stewart, CEO, YouEye. “We’re excited to enable other major companies to leverage the same technology and services that early adopters like eBay, GoDaddy, T-Mobile, Unilever and Etsy have used to drive efficiency, scale and depth for their consumer insights teams.”