Woodside implements predictive analytics for LNG operations

Woodside will implement an end-to-end predictive analytics solution to gain real-time insights on maintenance and process control in production operations across its liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities, including the Pluto LNG Plant.

Woodside has partnered with Accenture on the project, which aims to make analytics pervasive in decision-making. Statistical modelling, data management and visualisation software will be combined to inform proactive maintenance strategies and support decisions, with data available to Woodside engineers at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Woodside senior vice president strategy, science and technology, Shaun Gregory, said the company is using its knowledge and skills to capitalise on the opportunities presented by predictive analytics.

“By harnessing more than 30 years of leading LNG operational experience through predictive analytics we are enabling our people to access extensive analytical insights that are expanding or decision-making capabilities and enhancing our ability to be predictive in our LNG operations,” said Gregory.

Woodside and Accenture have already developed and deployed predictive process monitoring tools in the company’s Pluto LNG plant, which will now be extended to some of Woodside’s other producing assets.

“The predictive and process control analytics models are designed to deliver valuable business insights and drive increased performance and proactive maintenance strategies, ensuring Woodside’s position as a leader in digital energy,” said Paul Carthy, managing director, Accenture’s energy industry group.

Photo: Woodside Energy