Unleashing analytics creativity


Adobe has launched its Analysis Workspace, a way for companies to analyse, share and utilise marketing data through Adobe Analytics.

Adobe promises users can express their “analytics creativity”, allowing analysts to manipulate views of data to create polished analyses they can provide to those who need actionable data to make business decisions.

The company’s creative tools such as Photoshop and Elements has informed the workflow used by Analytics Workspace, allowing users to drag and drop dimensions, metrics and segments into a flexible data canvas. Data is also visualised instantly once the data sets are dropped onto the canvas, with interactive resizing, renaming and swapping between different chart and graph types.

Analysis Workspace also includes tools such as Anomaly Detection, Contribution Analysis, Calculated Metrics, and a new Cohort Analysis tool.

“Our unique legacy with creative tools and powerful workflows allowed us to reimagine data analysis in a way nobody else could,” said Jeff Allen, senior director, product marketing, Adobe Analytics. “This industry-first approach makes highly complex data sets accessible to a much broader group of people within an organisation. The paint is still wet on the thoughtful new insights they deliver, so the recipients can easily manipulate it further if desired.”