Top analytics vendors for Smart Cities: IDC

Smart Cities

A new report from IDC Government Insights provides an independent assessment of the handful of top vendors who can provide the best business analytics solutions for cities on a quest to become smart cities.

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Smart Cities Business Analytics Software 2015 Vendor Assessment ranks the top vendors for cities seeking to increase their ‘smart’ capabilities. Vendors featured in the report include IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, SAS and Tableau.

“The vendors studied for this IDC MarketScape are among the few business analytics vendors that have specific offerings geared towards Smart Cities and are addressing the most important characteristics for smart cities. This report will help city decision-makers understand their options more fully,” said Ruthbea Yesner Clarke, research director, IDC’s global smart cities practice.

Relevant characteristics for smart cities development include:

  • Ease and speed of analysis/self-service
  • Strength of analytics
  • Flexibility of delivery models
  • Ability to share data
  • Innovation and/or co-innovation

IDC revealed in the 2014 EMC Digital Universe Study that the amount of data created each year is expected to grow from 4.4 zettabytes in 2013 to 44 zettabytes in just five short years – a growth rate of 40 per cent per year.

The lightning speed of growth in mobile connected devices including RFID, smart cards, body cams and GPS is responsible for a large part of this growth curve, according to the report, which points out that non-governmental sources of data such as social media, mobile apps and smartphones will play an ever-increasing role as cities seek to deliver relevant services and improve operational efficiency.

The survey revealed that only one-third of state and local organisations agree that their data is currently “actionable”, pointing to the need for ever more sophisticated software to analyse massive amounts of data and translate it into meaningful and actionable information.