TIBCO introduces analytics advances for augmented intelligence

TIBCO Software

Leading integration and analytics firm, TIBCO Software Inc. has launched a suite of analytics advances aimed squarely at leveraging analytics for augmented intelligence – the ability to amplify human skill and experience to discover new insights, then productively share those insights across the enterprise in the shortest amount of time possible.

The advances include data wrangling features in TIBCO Spotfire, a new accelerator package for Apache Spark and the Internet of Things (IoT), code-free operational intelligence dashboards in TIBCO LiveView and a user-inspired developer community and component exchange.

“Some in the industry would lead you to believe that computers are going to replace people. We think that’s dead wrong,” said Mark Palmer, SVP and general manager of analytics engineering, TIBCO.

“Computers should serve to augment human experience and intellect. At TIBCO, we focus our industry-leading visual, advanced, embedded and, streaming analytics solutions on delivering a pragmatic approach to cognitive computing by combining enhanced intelligence features with algorithmic automation capabilities,” he said.

TIBCO has integrated new self-service data preparation, management and utilisation functionality to further extend the Spotfire platform’s dynamic analytics capabilities. It provides a code-free interface and built-in inline data wrangling functionality that requires no third-party coordination for data preparation.

Also among the enhancements is the release of LifeView, a code-free HTML5 operational intelligence dashboard development platform for us with the TIBCO Live Datamart, with connectivity to TIBCO’s complete Fast Data catalogue to deliver five times faster performance. LiveView also enables operational users to create live visual dashboards.