Tackling breast cancer with cloud-based analytics

Volpara Analytics

An ANZ healthcare analytics solution is set to hit the world stage as Wellington-based digital health solutions provider, Volpara Solutions, integrates Yellowfin’s platform into its cloud analytics product, VolparaEnterprise, to deliver earlier and more effective breast cancer screening and diagnosis.

“Yellowfin has allowed Volpara to take a proof-of-concept design and make it into a fully-fledged, completely rebranded cloud-ready product – all in the space of months, not years,” said Volpara technical sales manager, Paul Clancy. “It has enabled us to deliver a world-first product to our global network of customers, including non-English speaking markets such as Japan.”

Early detection of breast cancer saves lives, improves quality of life and delivers more treatment options. Volpara knew that its existing suite of imaging products were producing a significant volume of valuable and actionable clinical data and realised that a cloud-based analytics platform would enable a wide range of clients from clinicians to business managers and scientists to gain unprecedented insights by harnessing big data analytics.

“Business users can easily see high-level statistics, scientists and deep-data lovers can quickly analyse detailed data, drilling all the way down to the level they desire,” said Clancy.

The new product’s scalability and flexibility is expected to open up new opportunities within current markets as well as enabling Volpara to expand to new markets beyond the 30 countries currently served. Ease of configuration and integration with the existing Volpara SQL database as well as the ability to translate both system information and content in Yellowfin, were additional benefits cited for choosing Yellowfin as a partner.

“The VolparaEnterprise analytics solution, powered by Yellowfin’s BI platform and hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, will offer users a complete overview of a breast imaging clinic – from the patients with whom they consult, to the quality of mammograms taken and how their machines and operators are performing,” said Yellowfin co-founder and CEO, Glen Rabie.