Tableau expands into China

Tableau Software, a specialist in data analysis and visualisation software, has launched new operations in Shanghai, to help serve customers and partners in China.

The company is seeking to capitalise on the rapid growth in data use across different industries.

According to analyst reports, China’s business analytics services market reached US$1.398 billion in 2014, up 16.4 per cent from 2013. The space is forecast to grow steadily at a compound annual growth rate of 16.7 per cent in the coming five years to reach US$3.027 billion in 2019.

The country’s 2015 Government Work Report said that China plans to develop an ‘Internet Plus’ action plan to step up the integration of mobile internet, cloud computing, big data, and the internet of things, with modern manufacturing, e-commerce, industrial internet and internet finance.

“With 1.3 billion people, a quickly expanding urban economy, and exponential rates of internet and smartphone penetration, China generates an immense amount of data annually. Tableau can help bring that data to life with rapid-fire insights,” said JY Pook, APAC vice president, Tableau Software.

China’s second-largest carrier, China Eastern Airlines, is already using Tableau to analyse market research, optimise its ‘Origin-to-Destination’ routes, and increase revenue.

James Pu, senior executive of networking and revenue for the airlines, said, “In six months, we’ve developed nine dashboards for separate uses. So, now we have 500 people who use the dashboards for analyse marketing, our competition, the other carriers, and our flights-to-revenues… It’s easy for everyone who uses Tableau to drill down, past the peel of the orange and to the core.”

Having used Tableau for a year, the airlines reported a 2 per cent increase in revenue, which represented about US$200 million.