Survey reveals uneven progress toward BDA readiness in Asia-Pacific

big data and analytics readiness

Research from IDC Asia/Pacific reveals that while 34 per cent of organisations in the region have now progressed to mature stages of big data and analytics (BDA) readiness, more than 65 per cent are still operating at the more preliminary ad hoc or opportunistic stages – not yet far enough along their journey to reap the business benefits of their investments.

The 2016 IDC MaturityScape Benchmark Report for Big Data and Analytics in Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) divides the readiness curve into five stages: ad hoc, opportunistic, repeatable, managed and optimised.

Organisations in the more mature stages have increased almost five-fold to 34 per cent from just 7 per cent in 2014. In the repeatable stage, business value is being realised at the business unit level. In the managed stage, new product and service opportunities transition to business plans. Finally, at the optimised stage, previously unattainable business value is produced consistently.

Organisations in the preliminary stages have developed BDA strategies but not yet implemented data-driven processes and solutions. In the ad hoc stage, value is being created through new knowledge and learning, while in the opportunistic stage, knowledge grows and business value opportunities emerge. Organisations still in the preliminary stages can learn from the traits shared by organisations further along the maturity curve.

“Organisations can consider looking to develop internally on BDA skills through sharing resources, training and partnering with service providers. It will be crucial to establish a data-driven culture and encourage knowledge sharing to develop internal capabilities,” said Chwee Chua, AVP, analytics, big data and cognitive systems research, IDC Asia/Pacific.

“Availability of skilled resources is a common roadblock to BDA initiatives among APEJ organisations.”

The survey found that data-rich industries such as financial services, communications and media, and services including Internet companies are leading in the cross-divisional adoption and capitalisation of their data assets.
Korea has emerged as one of the countries with the fastest-growing BDA maturity, pulling ahead of Singapore. This year, Australia, New Zealand, Korea and Singapore are leading the region in BDA maturity, followed by Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and India.

The MaturityScape Benchmark assesses organisations across five dimensions:  vision, data, technology, people and process. While IDC recommends that organisations take a balanced approach to investing in these dimensions, the survey revealed that the highest level of maturity in the vision dimension.