SAS delivers scalable analytics solutions – with a marketing twist


Randy Guard, SAS

Analytics leader SAS launched two new analytics solutions at the SAS Global Forum in a move designed to help businesses to make better use of data throughout their organisations.

SAS Viya is an open, scalable solution designed to enable smarter data use by all skill levels and for all data needs, while SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is specifically designed to meet the needs of analytics-driven, digital marketers seeking to deliver a rich, relevant customer experience.

SAS Viya is a cloud-ready suite of SAS high-performance analytics solutions designed to provide analytics that are scalable all the way from small business to large enterprises and governments and to meet all data needs including big data challenges such as machine learning. SAS Viya offers a multi-vendor, multi-cloud architecture, with a single code base to ensure consistent, reusable assets that are transportable as infrastructure evolves.

“The open SAS Viya architecture makes analytics accessible to anyone, and we want to build upon that openness by creating a community for knowledge sharing,” said Randy Guard, SAS executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

SAS Viya supports access from SAS as well as other languages, starting with Python, Lua and Java, as well as public REST APIs.

This year’s SAS Viya offerings include: SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Statistics, SAS Visual Investigator, and SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning.

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is a cloud based software-as-a-service (SaaS) designed to help marketers access valuable data trapped in various silos and enable them to create targeted, relevant customer experiences based on both past interactions and predictive analytics.

“SAS Customer Intelligence 360 offers us a great opportunity to integrate all of our digital channels and combine that data with what we know about our customers’ offline behaviour,” said Roman Melcher of dm-drogerie markt, Germany’s largest drugstore chain.

“We built SAS Customer Intelligence 360 as an intuitive digital marketing hub that brings together all available data. It helps marketers meet customers’ needs in real-time,” said Wilson Raj, Global Director of SAS Customer Intelligence.

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 includes two core modules: SAS 360 Discover and SAS 360 Engage. Discover provides reporting and insights based on web and mobile behavioural data, but can easily incorporate broader customer information to gain a fuller picture of customer behaviour. Engage enables marketers to act on the insights to both create and optimise the digital customer experience. Additional modules will be launched later this year.