SAP and Yandex Data Factory partner to predict customer behaviour

SAP and machine learning and data analytics experts, Yandex Data Factory, are teaming up to develop predictive analytics services targeting the retail, e-commerce, banking and telecommunications sectors and deployed on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Amsterdam-based Yandex Data Factory will use machine learning and big data analysis to deliver a range of services such as personalised offers of goods and services, churn prediction and recommendations for customer retention through the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud platform. Yandex Data Factory’s algorithms uncover patterns in historic customer data, enabling highly accurate predictions of next actions for customers with similar histories or profiles. The insights will be of particular value to mid-sized businesses that need to react quickly to market changes and changes in client behaviour.

“We want to highlight that, as a result of the joint work by SAP and Yandex Data Factory, a new integrated joint service, based on innovative real-time big data platform SAP HANA, is available,” said Natalia Parmenova, chief operating officer, SAP CIS.

“The partnership between our companies allows us to create highly accurate predictive business intelligence services, especially important in fast-changing industries and the wider economy,” she said.

“While the advantages of big data analysis are well-understood, many in the retail, e-commerce, banking and telecommunications sectors will have concerns over integrating data analysis technology with their existing systems. We wanted to remove this obstacle and therefore deliberately partnered with SAP – one of the leading providers of data and business automation tools in these sectors – so that we can offer our clients advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics, without additional integration costs,” said Alexander Khaytin, chief operating officer, Yandex Data Factory.