RapidMiner and Tableau team up on predictive analytics

predictive analytics

Bill Doyle, RapidMiner

Analytics platform RapidMiner has teamed up with analytics software vendor Tableau to help business analysts with limited data science skills use predictive analytics to navigate the challenging waters of big data and better understand their customers, business performance and operational efficiencies.

Statistically-based insights from Rapidminer will now be incorporated into Tableau data visualisations.
“The Tableau-RapidMiner partnership delivers additional predictive analytics to Tableau customers, elevating business insights to an entirely new level,” said Bill Doyle, chief revenue officer, RapidMiner.

“At the same time we are very excited to open up the rich predictive models RapidMiner users create to a much wider audience of business users for maximum business impact,” said Dan Kogan, director, product marketing, Tableau.

Southwest Kidney Institute has used the RapidMiner platform to help in improving patient care, by allowing them to move from an anecdotal approach to a data-driven approach.

“We were impressed with the speed with which we were able to use RapidMiner’s Predictive Analytics Platform to source, cleanse, simplify and cluster our data to solve a complex problem and then leverage Tableau to allow us to visualise and analyse this prepared data,” said Lauren Ellenburg, senior manager, informatics and population health, Southwest Kidney Institute.