Pneuron and HP close the big data loop

Distributed solutions provider Pneuron Corporation has partnered with HP to help customers quickly realise value derived from big data insights with less cost and more agility.

The partnership will bring together HP’s Business Intelligence (BI) Modernisation Services and big data analytics platform, with Pneuron’s Distribution Solutions Platform, in an offering either on-premise and as-a-Service in the HP Helion cloud. This approach will enable organisations to leverage existing systems and infrastructure to connect data, applications, processes and analytics without intermediary databases, associated data integration costs or system replacement.

“Our customers recognise the importance of closing the big data loop – that is, not only generating new insights about markets, customers and products, but acting on these insights in a targeted and meaningful way,” said Martin Risau, senior vice president, analytics and data management global practice, HP Enterprise Services. “Our partnership with Pneuron ‘closes the loop’ and demonstrates HP’s commitment to simplifying and accelerating how our customers deploy technology to improve their businesses.”

The new solution will provide customers with a rapid, flexible and robust approach to deploying end-to-end solutions. According to Pneuron, its runtime acquisition of targeted elements from source systems dramatically accelerates solution deployment by sidestepping lengthy data aggregation activities, providing faster time to value realisation, and by pre-integrating multiple technologies into a single platform, the cost of ownership is lowered.

On the partnership, Simon Moss, CEO, Pneuron, said, “New insights generated by HP’s leading big data solutions can be rapidly leveraged to solve real business problems. This validates the promised potential of big data and marks a new era of BI and analytics: ‘Intelligent Business’.”

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