OpenText delivers big data analytics in the cloud

Enterprise information management solution provider OpenText has launched OpenText Big Data Analytics, an all-in-one advanced analytics solution as a complete cloud service, allowing users to access, blend, explore and analyse their big data.

According to OpenText, the limitations of traditional business intelligence tools combined with scarce resources have made difficult for companies extract the value of big data and apply it to business decisions.

“Extracting the value from big data has become a necessity in enabling companies to better understand their market and customers, but expensive data scientists or IT resources have been required to mine that data,” said OpenText CEO Mark J. Barrenechea.

OpenText Big Data Analytics offers high-performance data storage, pre-built algorithms and professional services to allow companies to quickly and easily their data, regardless of the source, and turn insights into competitive advantage.

“OpenText Big Data Analytics makes the power of real big data and advanced analytics capabilities accessible to everyday business users in the cloud. OpenText is the only vendor with integrated solutions for both advanced and embedded analytics to help global leaders understand and engage their market and customers,” said Barrenechea.

As the first of a series of planned Analytics-as-a-Service offerings, OpenText Big Data Analytics also provides visual data discovery and predictive analytics capabilities.

Pricing ranges from $18,000 per year for 50 million rows of data to $300,000 a year for up to a billion rows of data, as well as customer solutions for unlimited usage beyond a billion rows of data.

This pricing makes the advanced analytics solution accessible to a range of businesses, and to business users and analysts in marketing, financial and operational functions.

OpenText said the platform will enable customers to develop a better understanding of customers, markets and operations to deliver more targeted campaigns, create more relevant products and offers, or discover opportunities for performance improvements.

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