OAIC consults on big data privacy challenges

big data privacy

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has released for consultation a draft guide on how organisations can undertake big data activities while protecting personal information.

In Australia, the Privacy Act regulates how entities handle personal information, including sensitive information, with the Australian Privacy Principles which set out standards, rights and obligations in relation to handling, holding, accessing and correcting personal information.

The draft document, Guide to big data and the Australian Privacy Principles, addresses many big data privacy challenges, including notice and consent, collection and retention minimisation, and use limitation.

Acting Australian Information Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim wrote in the foreword to the guide that it encourages the implementation of the Privacy Management Framework.

“Taking this approach will embed ‘privacy by design’ in entities’ culture, systems and initiatives from the design stage onwards,” said Pilgrim.

While the guide is not legally binding, the OAIC will refer to it when undertaking its functions under the Privacy Act.

The guide can be downloaded from https://www.oaic.gov.au/engage-with-us/consultations/guide-to-big-data-and-the-australian-privacy-principles/consultation-draft-guide-to-big-data-and-the-australian-privacy-principles, and the submissions on the guide can be made to consultation@oaic.gov.au by Monday 25 July 2016.