Mindtree launches machine learning-driven analytics platform

Decision Moments

Photo: iStockphoto

Technology services company Mindtree has released what it says is the first data analytics platform that applies continuous learning algorithms to large data pools, improving the insights generated over time.

The Decision Moments platform is built on Microsoft Azure services, such as Cortana Intelligence Suite to provide advanced analytics capabilities, and utilises an organisation’s existing analytics investments.

It offers a range of in-built functions, such as more than 20 industry-specific machine learning algorithms, based on deep learning techniques, enabling diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics; 25 industry-specific business apps in retail, consumer goods, travel, banking and insurance with self-service business intelligence and visualisation features; and a data store with 35 pre-built technology components for big data programs.

According to Mindtree, Decision Moments allows companies to use a variety of data to discover and validate hypotheses for business problems in areas such as personalisation, sales and marketing operations, and business efficiency.

“Given the deluge of data coming in on a daily basis, speedy and agile decision making are the big differentiators in business today. Success is determined by how quickly companies can use data to gain new insights, make decisions, take action and arrive at outcomes,” said Radha R., EVP and head of digital business at Mindtree.

“Continuous learning is at the heart of Decision Moments, allowing companies to make agile, evidence-based decisions in areas like customer churn and retention, market mix modelling, campaign effectiveness, fraud detection, supply chain optimisation, and more.”