MicroStrategy reaps benefits of VMware vCloud suite

cloud_14The business intelligence and mobile software provider, MicroStrategy, has implemented the VMware vCloud Suite to innovate its private and public cloud services.

The implementation is in support of its internal operations and high-growth global business analytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) businesses, the company stated.

MicroStrategy chose VMware as the project partner in 2011 following a reassessment of its decided to reassess its IT infrastructure and operations.

As a result, MicroStrategy achieved increased operational flexibility and scalability, enabling it to more cost-effectively support existing businesses while bringing new cloud-based services to market.

“We standardised on VMware software, which offered us a comprehensive cloud infrastructure and management solution that simplifies IT operations while enabling agility and business responsiveness,” said Alex Freixas, vice president, Worldwide Information Systems, MicroStrategy Incorporated.

“Not only did we use VMware software to build private clouds to improve operational processes for our traditional software business, but we also created a thriving new business by building MicroStrategy Cloud(TM), one of the world’s leading public cloud services specifically designed for enterprise-grade business analytics.”

The implementation of the VMware software-based private cloud was completed in 45 days and now encompasses 3,700 virtualised servers.

According to MicroStrategy, the deployment has generated cost savings and reduced the number of physical machines required to run IT operations and business units by more than 200 servers.