MicroStrategy launches 10 Secure Enterprise

In its latest release, MicroStrategy’s enterprise analytics platform combines traditional business intelligence functionality with data discovery, mobile analytics and powerful enterprise security for the first time.

MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise, which is now generally available, makes high-performance analytics more accessible, easier to use and faster, offering enhanced functionality including:

  • Enhanced exploration and visualisation capabilities in both Mac OS and Windows, as well as new “data wrangling” functionality to prepare data for analysis without using other tools;
  • Governed data discovery, enabling the simple promotion of dashboards from the desktop to the enterprise;
  • New native Hadoop access;
  • Better in-memory performance, so users can run faster queries across larger volumes of data;
  • A redesigned HTML5 interface to make self-service analytics faster and more intuitive;
  • Cutting-edge platform security, including user verification with a smartphone app; and
  • An out-of-the-box employee productivity app.

MicroStrategy customer Catalina Marketing has high praise for the new HTML5 interface.

“The new interface and functionality have significantly improved the self-service user experience, while at the same time, have cut the learning curve for new users,” said Kevin Curley, executive director of business intelligence, Catalina Marketing.

“Furthermore, having the ability to easily integrate with advanced analytics and open source libraries like D3 has significantly increased our ability to visualise data exactly the way we want.”

Other early adopters such as Discovery Communications have also been impressed with the functionality in MicroStrategy 10.

“Our team really likes the new functionality – in particular, the ability to easily wrangle and parse data as well as save/import wrangling scripts functionality. The enhanced data blending features and on-the-fly data manipulations made possible with version 20 and Visual Insight provide incredible speed-of-interactivity and ease of use,” said Madhur Sawhney, senior director, data and analytics technology, Discovery Communications.

Image: MicroStrategy