MicroStrategy 10.3 improves analytics visualisation and usability

MicroStrategy 10.3

Tim Lang, MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy Incorporated, a Virginia-based enterprise software platform provider, has released MicroStrategy 10.3 to provide new visualisation capabilities for data discovery users as well as improved usability for cloud and on-premise analytics applications.

The new release also provides new gateways to leverage existing enterprise assets as well as enhanced security features and a simplified express installation.

This, the latest release of the company’s enterprise analytics platform MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise, is designed to advance business user adoption within the enterprise. It is available as a free upgrade to all cloud and on-premise customers currently on maintenance.

“We take great pride in delivering a relevant, powerful and easy-to-use analytics platform to the market,” said Tim Lang, CTO, MicroStrategy.

“Both business and technology leaders rely on MicroStrategy as an across-the-board enterprise analytics platform because it strikes the right balance between the agility of self-service data discovery and the large-scale enterprise demands of governance, security and performance.”

New visualisation features help make it easier for users to build apps and dashboards, find answers, and complete tasks faster. The new Custom Visualisation Gallery, a library of pre-configured, open-source visualisations, is available to the users of the MicroStrategy Community. These visualisations can be accessed using MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Web and MicroStrategy Mobile.

Enterprise customers can now embed and consolidate multiple dashboards into the same MicroStrategy Desktop application, enabling them to combine forces and reuse existing content, reducing the time it takes to develop dashboards and applications.