Integrating predictive analytics directly into core business processes

A new solution, Zementis for IBM zSystems, seeks to help organisations take advantage of the full potential of their data assets, by integrating predictive analytics capabilities directly into transaction data flows that drive business processes.

Insights from predictive analytics, which play a key role in uncovering patterns, allow organisations to make data-driven decisions and develop accurate perspectives on expected outcomes.

Ross Mauri, general manager, IBM z Systems, said, “IBM’s partnership with Zementis provides an analytic solution that delivers insights to a company when it matters most – during the transaction process. This opens a multitude of new possibilities for positively affecting the business outcome, including real-time fraud detection, risk avoidance, prevention of improper payments, and even tailored offers for customers while they are shopping or checking out.”

Dr Michael Zeller, CEO, Zementis, said the combined offering has the potential to achieve dramatic results for organisations using IBM z Systems.

“IBM is taking the next step at closing a key gap that many organisations face; namely, the gap between driving high-volume transactions, running predictive analytics on that transaction data, and making rapid business decisions based on the resulting insights,” Zeller said.

“Organizations increasingly face market expectations that they apply predictive analytics to their real-time transactions to drive accurate and timely insights, and that those insights in turn drive business processes that shape the customer experience and market outcomes. This capability is no longer optional for world-class organizations, and Zementis for IBM z Systems helps make this possible as a repeatable, high-quality process.”

The solution is now generally available.