HPE delivers machine learning-as-a-service

HPE Haven

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has launched HPE Haven OnDemand, a platform delivered on Microsoft Azure’s public cloud to provide advanced machine learning APIs and services that will enable developers, startups and enterprises to build mobile and enterprise applications.

HPE Haven OnDemand provides more than 60 APIs and services that deliver deep learning analytics on a wide range of data, including text, audio, image, social, web and video.

HPE Haven OnDemand was first launched in beta in December 2014. The platform now has more than 12,750 registered developers, some of whom have provided feedback to improve and refine the offering.

HPE has a freemium service which extends to a usage and SLA-based commercial pricing model for enterprise class delivery in production deployments.

“The software industry is on the cusp of a new era of breakthroughs, driven by machine learning that will power data-driven applications across all facets of life,” said Tony Nottle, director, HPE Big Data Platform, Hewlett Packard Enterprise South Pacific.

“HPE Haven OnDemand democratises big data by bringing the power of machine learning, traditionally reserved for high-end, highly trained data scientists, to the mainstream developer community. Now, anyone can leverage our easy to use cloud-based service to harness the rich variety of data available today to build applications that produce new insights, differentiate businesses, delight customers and deliver a competitive advantage.”

Some of the platform’s capabilities include:
•    Advanced text analysis
•    Format conversion
•    HPE Haven Search OnDemand enterprise-search-as-a-service
•    Image recognition and face detection
•    Knowledge graph analysis
•    Speech recognition
•    Predict and recommend for pattern recognition.