Hardware costs cut by half with Splunk Enterprise 6.3 release


Spunk Inc, real-time operational intelligence platform provider, has released the 6.3 version of its Splunk Enterprise platform, which according to IDC should appeal to organisations with significant DevOps and Internet of Things (IoT) needs.

The new version offers higher performance levels, more advanced analytics and visualisations, and high-volume event collection. It can be offered on premise, as a cloud service via Splunk Cloud, or in a hybrid model.

Guido Schroeder, senior vice president of products, Splunk, said, “The new version of Splunk Enteprise, also available as a cloud service via Splunk Cloud, can enable customers to more than double performance gains in search, analytics and data ingestion. Additionally, hardware requirements for an on-premise deployment of Splunk Enterprise can be cut in half compared to two years ago.”

Spunk Enterprise 6.3 features a new HTTP event collector with a standard API, which allows applications and devices to send millions of events per second directly to Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud for analysis. It can also be integrated into developer services such as AWS Lambda from Amazon Web Services and Docker, as well as IoT services such as Citrix Octoblu and Xively by LogMeIn.

Patrick Hofmann, head of IT infrastructure and deputy CIO at Splunk customer, PostFinance, said, “Splunk Enterprise drives value across our business, from keeping our online banking platform running, to detecting fraud and enhancing security. The new features in Splunk Enterprise 6.3 allow us to optimise search and reporting performance across our data centres with total confidence in the availability of our data. Now, with the expected doubling of the speed of our searches, we can get the insights we rely on faster than ever.”