Google aims to simplify analytics with Analytics 360 Suite

Google Analytics 360 Suite

In a bid to revolutionise marketing analytics the way they did web search, Google has launched the Google Analytics 360 Suite.

This time, Google has set out to give enterprise customers an easy way to make better business decisions and maximise revenue by truly understanding customer behaviour then using those insights to reach their customers in the right moment with the right messages.

The new Suite is designed as a unified product that is easy to use and easily shared, providing enterprise customers with a consistent user experience and cross product data integrations for actionable insights into customer behaviour, not simply more data to store.

The Analytics 360 Suite, which integrates with many third-party data providers and platforms, plugs directly into core Google products AdWords and DoubleClick Digital Marketing, enabling marketers to combine data from multiple sources and use it to create more relevant advertising messages for their customers.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite consists of six products, four of which are brand-new and two of which are totally revamped: Google Audience Centre 360 (beta), Google Optimise 360 (beta), Google Data Studio 360 (beta), Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 360 (formerly GA Premium) and Google Attribution 360 (formerly Adometry).

Google Audience Centre 360 (beta) is the data management platform, with native and third-party integrations. Google Optimise 360 (beta) allows marketers to test and personalise various versions of ads and select the version that works best. Google Data Studio 360 (beta) is a data analysis and visualisation product based on Google Docs technology. Google Tag Manager 360 provides a simplified method to gather site information and powerful APIs to increase data accuracy and streamline workflows.

Google Analytics 360 functions as the measurement centrepiece by analysing customer data from all touch-points and integrating with Google ad products. Google Attribution 360 allows marketers to analyse performance across channels, devices and systems to create their optimum marketing mix, value marketing investments and allocate budgets accordingly.