Giving business analytics students real-life experience

Ensuring students are job-ready through providing practical learning opportunities and industry exposure is a major focus of tertiary institutions, and has been a priority for the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Business School (MBS) in its Master of Business Analytics program.

To this end, MBS initiated an industry partnership with BI and analytics software vendor Yellowfin.

Not only was Yellowfin’s BI platform used as a core piece of software for student learning and assessable coursework throughout the masters program, but the vendor presented the inaugural Yellowfin Award for Excellence in Business Intelligence, with a prize of $2000, to the top-performing student group in the course’s data warehousing module.

Using Yellowfin’s BI software, students were required to respond to a a brief submitted by Carlton Group Pharmacy, providing a series of analytical sales reports to the management team about key customers as well as most profitable products, store locations and time periods. Students Leo Leng, David Loong, Andy McCall and Jason Widjaja were on the winning team.

Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie, who presented a guest lecture to students as part of MBS’ Master of Business Analytics program, said that Yellowfin was proud to help support MBS to develop much needed business analytics skills.

“Business analytics as an industry is growing very quickly,” said Rabie.  “One of the major challenges is to develop better-skilled graduates capable of fulfilling rising market demand for reporting and analytics. Yellowfin is thrilled to be assisting MBS cultivate more analytics talent in Australia.”