Gartner names ‘Cool Vendors’ for 2016 in multiple analytics categories

Cool Vendors

Gartner has released its list of Cool Vendors for 2016, which includes “digital disruption” companies in the categories of both Analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics.

“Cool vendors in 2016 represent the year of digital disruption. Digital disruption happens when someone uses a digital capability, asset or channel to change how things are done. They can disrupt industries, they can change relationships between customers and businesses, they can change the entire competitive landscape,” said Darryl Plummer, VP and Gartner Fellow.

“When clients look at cool vendors the most important thing that they can gain from it is a sense of what’s going on out there,” said Plummer. “If you look at cool vendors today, you will see your future, you just have to pay attention,” he said.

Four companies were highlighted in the IoT Analytics category: Maana, AGT, Slantrange and WSO2.

Maana, an advanced analytics platform that operationalises big data insights into line-of-business applications, offers an end-to-end platform that crawls, indexes, mines, enriches, joins, classifies, analyses, clusters, connects and correlates data from various data silos, simultaneously, to create a dynamic knowledge structure of an asset, accelerating asset performance optimisation.

“Businesses care deeply about eliminating losses, reducing downtime, preventing incidents, and maximising efficiency.  Accomplishing this requires first getting an accurate picture of the business and how it operates,” said Donald Thompson, founder and chief technology officer, Maana.

“To build such a model takes more than a lot of raw data and some data scientists.  This is why Maana has reimagined the entire analytics process and is introducing the concept of knowledge mining to quickly give organisations the holistic view and interpretation of their operations they so badly need,” he said.

“This new analytics frontier needs two things: first breaking out of analytical silos and second developing thousands of new (data) models. However doing so requires a brand new analytics paradigm, the Maana Knowledge Graph,” said Babur Ozden, founder and chief executive officer, Maana.

Five companies were named in the Cool Vendors in Analytics for 2016: Anodot, Cognitive Technology, OnlyBoth, ThoughtSpot and Veriluma.

Anodot, a real time analytics and automated business incident detection company, is one of the companies Gartner identified in its report as “innovative vendors that are redefining the types of analysis that it is feasible for organisations to perform. They are doing so by providing high levels of automation or extending analytics’ reach to new classes of user and new types of decision.”

Anodot’s automated business incident and anomaly detection platform enables business analysts to uncover outliers in vast amounts of streaming data without manually setting thresholds or prioritising which metrics to track. The SaaS solution is based on patented machine-learning algorithms that isolate issues and correlate them in real time to alert users.

“Business and IT users are overwhelmed with traditional business intelligence dashboards and millions of data metrics, and it can take them days to learn that they are bleeding potential revenue,” said David Drai, CEO and co-founder, Anodot.

“Today, companies like Wix, Credit Karma and dozens of others are using Anodot to pinpoint performance issues and business opportunities, gaining the real time insights they need to save revenue, keep their business running smoothly and keep their customers happy,” said Drai.

Before using Anodot, Wix’s data analysts spent a great deal of time scrutinising reports and graphs manually to try to detect issues in vast amounts of data, but important issues were sometimes identified hours to days after they had occurred.

“In the age of big data, machine learning is a must have and with our patented algorithms, Anodot is disrupting traditional BI,” said Drai.