Fujitsu analytics system delivers BI to retailers

Retail Engagement

Fujitsu has introduced its Retail Engagement Analytics solution to provide bricks and mortar retailers with the type of sophisticated business intelligence that online retailers already enjoy, using cloud-based analytics that integrate with key in-store systems to improve the shopper experience, retail operations and in-store sales performance.

“In the online world, much is known about shopper behaviour. In the store-centric world, where 90 per cent of all sales still take place, most retailers have no credible source for accurate, location-based shopper intelligence,” said Marc Janssens, executive vice president, retail, Fujitsu America Inc.

The retail analytics solution delivers much-needed, fast, secure and actionable intelligence on shopper behaviour to retailers. Using Fujitsu Flow Discovery technology, the Retail Engagement Analytics solution collects data from new sources such as Wi-Fi routers and integrates it with retail systems such as point of sale (POS) systems and loyalty systems to track and analyse in-store promotions, sales conversions, shopper volume, zonal volume, traffic flow, repeat visitors, dwell time and purchase history.

The shopper engagement intelligence is designed to help retailers make timely, better-informed decisions for planning everything from store layouts, lighting and merchandising to marketing, CRM and labour scheduling.