Deloitte Australia and Kaggle unite to form large global data scientist community

kaggleDeloitte Australia has formed an alliance with Kaggle, a platform that solves data science challenges, to create a huge data scientist community.

The alliance combines nearly 100,000 of Kaggle’s data scientists, who provide real-world data science solutions through Kaggle Connect, with the 6,000 plus analytics professionals across Deloitte Analytics’ global network.

Kaggle competitions, which have historically been very successful, are used to identify the world’s best data scientists and to determine which client problems this community can best address, Deloitte stated.

A recent competition with American insurance provider Allstate produced an algorithm that was a 271% improvement over Allstate’s internal version and an 83% improvement over the expected best case development of a similar model using other traditional third-party resources.

Anthony Viel, national managing partner, Deloitte Analytics in Australia said the Kaggle Model, and Kaggle’s success, has challenged the status quo in the increasingly sophisticated field of advanced statistical analysis, forecasting and predictive modelling.

“We can now help clients apply data to yield even more effective and timely business insights. This might be via Deloitte Analytics’ wide-ranging in-house capabilities but also now, where appropriate, recommending a client use the unique services offered by Kaggle,” Viel said.

Offerings to clients might involve participating in a competition or hiring a data scientist using Kaggle Connect.

Viel also added the relationship with Deloitte Australia was Kaggle’s first global alliance.

“While the initial focus will be on Deloitte and Kaggle delivering client insights and solutions in the Australian market, we intend to take this new capability to Deloitte’s global network of member firms and their clients via the Australia firm soon after,” he said.