Explosive growth of IoT and “dangerous” data scientist shortage key challenges: Dell

Dell Statistica

John K. Thompson, Dell Statistica

Technology giant Dell has released the latest version of its Statistica advanced analytics platform, which has been designed with the needs of non-technical citizen data scientists in mind, while helping organisations better address growing IoT analytics requirements in increasingly heterogeneous data environments and better detect fraud in complex networks.

“Dell believes the two greatest challenges organisations face, with respect to analytics are the explosive growth of IoT infrastructures and the dangerous worldwide shortage of data scientists. With the latest release of Dell Statistica, we’ve moved aggressively to help customers address both of those challenges,” said John K. Thompson, general manager, Dell Statistica.

Dell Statistica 13.1 helps streamline workflows to enable non-technical business analysts to easily prepare structured and unstructured data using templates created by traditional data scientists. The templates can be reused by business analysts repeatedly, enabling the use of analytics throughout the organisation.

The latest version of Statistica assists organisations in deploying analytics on devices and gateways anywhere in the world for IoT analytics at the network edge, eliminating the time, effort and expense of streaming massive amounts of IoT data to a central location as well as speeding results and response times.

Statistica 13.1 allows the extension of in-database analytics beyond Microsoft SQL Server to platforms such as Apache Hive on Spark, MySQL Oracle and Teradata, enabling organisations to leverage a wider range of high-performance platforms, reducing network traffic.

The new version of Statistica also features new network analytics capabilities that enable users to combine the power of predictive analytics with human expertise to better detect fraud and understand relationships within complex networks.