Datawatch launches self-service data prep and visual data discovery solution

Datawatch Corporation has launches its new enterprise solution, the Datawatch Managed Analytics Platform.
The solution provides self-service access to one of the toughest BI tasks, according to Gartner.

“Data preparation is one of the most difficult and most time-consuming challenges facing users of BI and data discovery tools, as well as data scientists. The unprecedented growth in multi-structure data has contributed to greater effort required in preparing the data to support decision-making processes,” the analyst firm said in its ‘Market Guide for Self-Service Data Preparation for Analytics’.

The Managed Analytics Platform also provides capabilities such as advanced data enrichment, automation of data extraction and preparation processes, access to multi-structured data, and visual data discovery.

The new data preparation capabilities are available both as a stand-alone offering (for us by any third party analytic front-end or to load into a data warehouse/mart), as well as with Datawatch’s visual authoring tool.
Michael A. Morrison, president and CEO of Datawatch, said the platform provides unmatched depth and breadth of capabilities.

“We are the only vendor that can scale from individual analysts using self-service data preparation and analytics on their desktops all the way up to the enterprise. Indeed, one of our business partners uses Datawatch in a managed services cloud deployment to extract, prepare and deliver over 300 million data sets per month using 9000 data preparation models,” he said.

Subscription pricing for the Datawatch Managed Analytics Platform starts at $895 per user per year.

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