Correlation One’s data-driven service matches data scientists to employers

Correlation One

In an effort to address the growing critical shortage of skilled data scientists, Correlation One has launched an efficient, data-driven “matchmaker” service to connect top data scientists with top employers.

Data scientist candidates, who participate free of charge, undergo three to five hours of testing to validate their skills using Correlation One’s proprietary portfolio of tests. The company also uses a patent-pending resume analysis algorithm to extract dozens of factors from a candidate’s resume and correlate them with employer preferences. Employers are then presented with a report card of vetted candidates to review, based on their needs and preferences.

“Our data-oriented approach to recruiting allows us to relate to candidates as fellow data scientists, and not as recruiters,” said Sham Mustafa, co-founder and CEO, Correlation One.

“We provide data scientists with access to a range of exclusive opportunities by working with prestigious employers. We are also providing opportunities for data scientists to collaborate with other data scientists at our Datathons in an effort to build a stronger community for those in the field.”

Correlation One cites the gap between the current 150,000 data scientists in the US and the 800,000 jobs expected in the next three years as the rationale for developing their data-driven service.