Birst, SAP collaboration for cloud analytics

Instant cloud analytics is the name of the game behind the recently announced collaboration between SAP SE and Birst.

Birst, which specialises in cloud business intelligence (BI) and analytics, will utilitise SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform to give users instant access to data, trends and insight.

Birst’s comprehensive two-tier data architecture will provide instant access to an organisation’s data and help eliminate BI wait time, and its patented analytics engine aims to build user-ready data store in SAP HANA to provide visual discovery, dashboards and enterprise reports across a single business model.

The solution is expected to provide analytics across both on-premise and cloud data sources.

“Driving better business execution and enabling each and every organization to become data-driven is only achievable when leaders come together to innovate and achieve something that solves real business problems, and that is exactly what Birst and SAP plan to do,” said Brad Peters, chairman and chief product officer, Birst.

“The real opportunity in BI lies in our ability to push data to the front lines, empowering every person to make every decision better. Together, SAP and Birst will give customers instant access to data and allow people to turn insight into action – that’s something today’s businesses have been waiting for and we are thrilled to be delivering it.”