Birst and Tableau partner to easily analyse and visualise data

Cloud BI and analytics platform provider Birst has partnered with visual analytics solution provider Tableau to integrate their products through an ODBC connector.

The integrated solution brings together Birst’s capabilities in refining, unifying and analysing disparate data within a single cloud-based platform, and the ability to generate interactive visualisations using Tableau.

“Tableau’s mission to help people see and understand their data. Insightful visual analytics requires access to every source of data across an organisation,” said Dan Jewett, vice president of product management at Tableau Software. “By helping Birst create a connector to Tableau, our companies are continuing this vision by elevating the analytics experience for customers.”

Jay Larson, CEO, Birst, said the two companies, though typically seen as competitors, are working together to help their customers make better decisions with data – “in an era where legacy BI vendors are losing ground”.

“The reality is that Birst’s and Tableau’s technologies are much more complementary than competitive, and we’re thrilled about this unique opportunity to work with Tableau to deliver analytics to everyone, from developers to data analysts to business users, without forcing companies to make trade-offs between speed, ease-of-use and data governance.”

Image: Tableau

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