Big data start-up Zugata reimagines performance reviews


Silicon Valley-backed start-up Zugata has launched a mobile-first software solution to enable employees to receive continuous feedback from people they work with, turning traditional periodic performance review processes upside down.

Zugata also enables companies to better understand team and organisation skill needs to drive learning and development programs.

“The market for real-time feedback systems in business is growing rapidly,” said Josh Bersin, principal, Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Tools like Zugata are part of the new wave of open, anonymous feedback systems that enable employees to communicate openly with each other, unleashing opportunities for innovation, coaching, and development in fresh and exciting ways.”

“Performance management is in many aspects broken and so talent management does not work properly. Enterprises are desperate to create a high performance culture, one person at a time,” said Holger Mueller, principal analyst and VP, Constellation Research Inc.

“Solutions that take advantage of cloud economic in the form of big data and machine learning to allow for the collection of feedback across daily interactions, thus achieving a more complete performance footprint of people through high frequency, lightweight and anonymous feedback, will get the most attention.”

Zugata automatically figures out who employees work with, constructing graphs to understand social interactions within the organisation, and solicits anonymous feedback every week. It helps employees not only understand their strengths and growth areas, but helps them track their development over time. Further, it recommends mentors who can help employees reach their potential. It also helps managers and organisations better understand team strengths and growth areas, so learning and development efforts can be more effectively.

The solution is already being used by organisations of various sizes – from startups to public traded companies.

“In today’s millenial, mobile and cloud world, many of the long-held beliefs about how we manage people and organisations need to evolve,” said Srinivas Krishnamurti, co-founder and CEO, Zugata. “Zugata’s continuous feedback solution brings unprecedented automation and ease of use to enable users to continuously receive feedback so they can better understand their strengths and growth areas in real-time. Just as importantly, Zugata recommends mentors and ensures feedback is only shared with the employee, so the focus is squarely on empowering employees to develop.”

Individuals and teams can start using Zugata for free at