Altiscale launches self-service analytics solution for big data

Raymie Stata, Altiscale

Altiscale has launched a cloud-based self-service analytics solution for big data, to enable analysts to get critical answers without the assistance of IT.

The Altiscale Insight Cloud provides a rapidly queried Hadoop data lake to enable business users to undertake SQL queries and produce dynamic visualisations and real-time dashboards, while using business intelligence tools like Tableau and Microsoft Excel.

“Our enterprise customers first wanted to have a powerful, affordable solution to solve their big data challenge, which we provided with the Altiscale Data Cloud,” said Raymie Stata, CEO and founder, Altiscale.

“Today we are introducing the Altiscale Insight Cloud, which solves the challenge of bringing big data to a broader range of users, so that enterprises can quickly develop new offerings, better target customers, and respond to shifting market or operational conditions. It’s a faster and easier way to get from Big Data infrastructure to insights that drive real business value.”

The Altiscale Insight Cloud has a converged architecture which eliminates the need for a separate relational data store for aggregated data. According to Altiscale, this allows for easier scalability from terabytes to petabytes, and minimises data movement and replication across environments.

Mobile gaming studio GluPlay said it is excited about utilising the Altiscale Insight Cloud to accelerate and expand its ability to glean and share insights from their data.

“As a fast-growing organisation with global customers, we want to ensure that our managers across the world have the ability to access and analyze the latest and greatest information. The Altiscale Insight Cloud will allow us to do this quickly and affordably, connecting to our existing Tableau implementation,” said Richard Au, senior technical director, GluPlay.