Alteryx incorporates in-database analytics for Amazon Redshift

Data blending and advanced analytics provider Alteryx has made in-database data blending with Amazon Web Service’s Amazon Redshift available as part of the newly released Alteryx Analytics 10.0.

This new offering makes the processing power of Amazon Redshift available to data analysts and other line-of-business users, to enable blending of data at petabyte scale.

This results in a dramatic performance improvement when blending data with very large data sets – essential when making decisions involving customer analysis, inventory levels, financial transactions, and marketing campaign optimisation, among other use cases.

“Amazon Redshift offers customers a simple, cost effective way to store and analyse large amounts of data,” said Paul Ross, vice president, partner marketing, Alteryx (pictured). “The combination of Alteryx Analytics 10.0’s in-database blending with Amazon Redshift provides line-of-business analysts with a unique opportunity to answer critical questions faster and with all the data sets available to them, unlike ever before.”

The Alteryx Analytics 10.0 platform enables data analysts and other users to blend data without having to rely on other departments.

Australian online-led mobile services provider, amaysim, is one customer using Alteryx with Amazon Redshift to get fast insights into customer behaviour.

“The combination of Alteryx Analytics with Amazon Redshift providing fast in-database data blending and in-memory advanced analytics lets us get insights from the complex XML-based customer and call records we have, without a long development effort,” said Julian Dell, IT director, amaysim. “This enables us to identify and respond to drivers of customer behaviour faster than ever before.”

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