Alteryx cloud-based apps facilitate predictive analytics


California-based self-service data analytics firm Alteryx Inc has launched its first wave of an expanding set of cloud-based predictive tools, macros and workflows with a suite of predictive analytic apps designed to provide data analysts with faster and easier access to deeper business insights without the need to write code.

In this wave, the company aims to enhance the predictive capabilities of Alteryx by launching eight predictive tools and five usage samples in the new Predictive District of its cloud-based Alteryx Analytics Gallery.

Alteryx trial or licensed users can browse the analytics gallery, featuring thousands of analytic apps, similar to a mobile app store, then run the samples, tools and apps to customise the predictive functionality of their platform.

“As the leader in self-service analytics, Alteryx empowers analysts of all skill levels with the tools they need to easily prep, blend and analyse their data, and then perform predictive, statistical or spatial analytics to quickly get business insights in hours, not weeks,” said Rick Schultz, senior vice president, marketing, Alteryx.

The predictive tools are: model coefficients, model comparison, model output, multidimensional scaling, importance weights, survival analysis, survival score and variance inflation factors. The samples are: MB affinity, model comparison sample, multidimensional scaling, survival analysis sample, and variance inflation factors and model coefficients.