Accenture wins contract to deliver ABS data collection systems

ABS data collection

Photo: iStockphoto

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has awarded a $19.9 million contract to Accenture, for the delivery of new data collection systems to streamline its surveying of Australian households and businesses.

The decision comes as a Senate committee inquiry investigates the website outage that crippled this year’s Census data collection process.

Accenture will be charged with developing the next generation of statistical infrastructure and transform the way the ABS collects, analyses and accesses statistics.

“Accenture will enable the ABS to issue statistical products more affordably, efficiently and with ICT stability. Ultimately ensuring our long term sustainability and statistical contribution to all Australians,” said Trevor Sutton, deputy Australian statistician of the ABS’ Statistical Business Transformation Group.

“The Accenture engagement will enhance our digital data collection, reduce the manual handling, enable cost savings, reduce paper use and improve our reporting and processes.

“We will be implementing new management tools that will give us a greater capacity for automation, reducing cost and risk through the use of market leading off-the-shelf software rather than bespoke internally developed systems,” Sutton said.

The contract was awarded through a open tender.

Installation, configuration and testing of the new systems are due to be completed by December 2017, with the solution in use from 2018.