Yellowfin boosts Location Intelligence capabilities with version 7.1 launch

Business intelligence and analytics vendor has launched the 7.1 version of its Yellowfin BI platform.

The new release boosts the platforms Location Intelligence capabilities, which will be made available to users and organisations of all types and sizes.

“The ability to analyse organizational data from a geographical standpoint is critical, across all industries, because research indicates that 80 per cent of business data is location-relevant,” said Glen Rabie, CEO, Yellowfin.

“Despite this, the vast majority of organisations have struggled to source, collate and analyse the necessary location-based data to underpin location analytics. Yellowfin 7.1 changes that, delivering the Location Intelligence features required to quickly create beautiful enterprise mapping and a brilliant analytical experience.”

Other core technical areas improved in this version is an increase in the number of visualisations supported by Yellowfin’s Auto Chart function, and an improvement of CSV support.

CSV files will become faster to load into Yellowfin 7.1 with a variety of streamlining upgrades. The latest interface allows users to simply drag and drop a CSV file onto a blank canvas, where it then becomes instantly populated as a spreadsheet, and loaded into Yellowfin.

The new visualisations offered by Yellowfin’s Auto Chart feature will also be particularly useful to non-technical professionals, giving them more opportunities to express, create and understand data and trends.

“New charting functionality in Yellowfin 7.1 supports better, faster and deeper visual analysis with a broader range of Auto Charts,” said Rabie.

There are 16 new chart types, including some that combine charts with maps. In total, the Auto Chart function now supports more than 50 chart types and combinations.