User experience dashboards designed for line of business managers

AppNeta has released unique SaaS Application Monitoring (SAM) User Experience Dashboards for line-of-business managers.

The dashboards were specifically designed for department heads and non-IT stakeholders to help them understand the frequency, scope and degree to which applications users are impacted by performance issues.

Using Apdex scores to evaluate the overall performance of SaaS applications while integrating information about each application, location and the number of users, the dashboards uniquely illustrate performance views along the entire application path – from the end user, through the network to the application hosting source.

Figures by Aberdeen group show the most widely deployed SaaS applications (by adoption rate) are: CRM (52 per cent), productivity/collaboration (50 per cent), human resources (29 per cent), business intelligence (22 per cent), financial/accounting (17 per cent), and ERP (17 per cent). Most of these applications are deployed and managed by non-IT department heads.

AppNeta’s User Experience Dashboards are available for more than 1400 business SaaS applications, including:

  • Client Relationship Management (Salesforce)
  • Productivity and collaboration (Office 365 and Google Apps)
  • Service Desk (Zendesk)
  • Support management (ServiceNow)
  • Industry-specific applications such as those for healthcare (Athenahealth).

The growth of cloud-based applications and the needs of large enterprises mean that non-IT department managers need business-critical application performance visibility, according to Matt Stevens, CEO and president, AppNeta.

“The new User Experience Dashboards for business line managers will give them the information they need to manage around application performance issues as well as better communicate their end users’ experience back to IT,” he said.

According to AppNeta, the dashboards take only minutes to set up, and can find and fix problems in the application, the code or the network. SaaS Application Monitoring (SAM) User Experience Dashboards for line-of-business managers are now available with AppNeta’s SAM solution. AppNeta’s SAM solution prices begin at US$349/month.

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