Travel automation platform integrates Yellowfin for reporting

Yellowfin BI

Photo: iStockphoto

Tramada Systems’ has integrated the Yellowfin BI platform into its cloud-based travel automation solution, tramada, to deliver a rebranded BI module which will allow its travel agency customers to quickly visualise their data.

A new set of standard reports are included with the core tramada product, while clients can create custom reports and dashboards by the Yellowfin-powered BI module, tramada connect BI.

Tramada services both consumers and customers of corporate travel agencies, and will use the new BI platform to provide a better customer experience at lower cost, as well as compete with other players in the crowded travel automation industry.

“Immediate access to real-time business information creates a point of differentiation – just what the travel industry has been looking for,” said Tramada Systems CEO Jo O’Brien. “With Yellowfin, we now offer something quite unique for travel agencies with real-time interaction and insights into operational travel management data.”

John Tran, Tramada’s head of product management, said the company was looking for a visually appealing interface that could be fully rebranded and integrated seamlessly with its own platform. It also needed to offer sophisticated visualisations and personalised interactive dashboards that could run real-time data.

Previously, Tramada had to build and manage all client reports in-house.

“Travel agencies were also unable to independently create custom reports and dashboards to meet their specific needs,” said Yellowfin APAC sales director, Adam Chicktong.  “This resulted in an incremental load on Tramada resources, with clients also engaging other third-party providers to help develop custom content.

“Embedding Yellowfin’s BI platform into the tramada travel automation solution, while also using it to create tramada connect BI – a new BI module to meet demand for customized reports and dashboards – has empowered Tramada and its clients to eliminate those time-consuming and expensive reporting practices.”

Clients have reported that the new platform is providing considerable time-saving, particularly around quarterly reviews and end-of-year reporting, with one travel management company reducing time spent on reporting by 34 days per year.

With more insight into operational data, travel agencies can monitor activity for corporate customers to maintain policy compliance, monitor costs in real-time, and track the movements of travellers to fulfil their duty of care requirements.

“That is, the customers of the travel agencies that Tramada serves can also view and interact with their own reports, allowing them to manage travel expenditure in real-time and understand where a travel policy may need improving or enforcing,” said O’Brien.