Tableau unveils future products at sold-out conference


Elissa Fink, Tableau

Business analytics software vendor Tableau allowed 13,000 customers and partners to peek into its product crystal ball for the coming three years at its sold-out ninth annual global conference, TC16, which focused on new ways to help customers improve their business results through improved access to important insights from their data.

Tableau’s keynote shared upcoming product innovations including a data preparation product, a next generation data engine, a server for the Linux platform, machine learning recommendations, hybrid data connectivity for the cloud, instant analytics, and improved data governance and collaboration capabilities.
Tableau will be expanding beyond data visualisations into data preparation next year with a product, codenamed Project Maestro, which will make it possible to easily prepare, integrate and transform data.

The software company will introduce most new capabilities next year. Its new in-memory data engine will enable near real-time interactive analysis on data of all sizes using the Hyper technology it acquired earlier this year.

A version of Tableau Server for the Linux platform will meet the needs of the many governments, educational institutions and businesses who depend on the popular open-source operating system. A machine learning recommendations engine will be added to enable algorithms to generate recommendations for workbooks and data sources.

A live query agent will act as a secure tunnel to on-premise data, while data behind a firewall will be easier to access and analyse with Tableau Online, Tableau’s SaaS managed service.

Several features will be rolling out over the next several years. Natural Language Processing (NLP) will enable improved interaction with data using human language. Instant analytics will automatically provide contextual information to improve access to data insights.

New governance functionality in Tableau Server will certify data sources, conduct impact analysis on sources and workbooks, promote content and write workflows with simple drag and drop gestures. Capabilities will be added to help users collaborate with each other directly within an analysis and to monitor important metrics with data-driven alerts to notify users when key metrics exceed a specified threshold.

“TC16 is an opportunity to share our long-term vision for how we help our customers do more with data,” said Elissa Fink, chief marketing officer, Tableau Software.