Tableau releases 10.2 version for scalable advanced analytics

Tableau Software

Andrew Beers, Tableau Software

Business analytics software vendor Tableau’s latest release enables organisations to unlock their spatial data with advanced mapping capabilities, simplify their data preparation and use self-service tools to gain valuable business insights as they scale up for projected enterprise growth.

“The need to see and understand data has never been greater,” said Andrew Beers, chief development officer, Tableau Software. “Enhancements in Tableau 10.2 make advanced analytics easier, faster and more scalable,” he said.

Tableau 10.2’s advanced mapping capabilities simplify complex geospatial analysis, enabling organisations to incorporate custom geospatial data such as census boundaries and natural resources directly into their Tableau visualisations.

The new release also simplifies and accelerates data preparation, providing new ways to both combine and clean data. Tableau 10.2 enables users to combine tables from multiple sources directly in the software, which can, for example, recognise more than 250 ways to represent a date and automatically make all formats uniform with a single click.

Tableau 10.2 visualisations conform to the current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines drafted by the Web Accessibility Initiative, making them easier for people with disabilities to perceive and explore. This access, coupled with an improved user interface and new connectors, is designed to enable everyone in an organisation to gain access to the data critical to good business decisions.

For enhanced connectivity and security, Tableau 10.2 supports the security rules defined in SAP Business Warehouse, ensuring that users can access only the data that they are authorised for, as well as providing a fine level of control over guest access.