SenPhi Technologies and Yellowfin enter strategic partnership

Wellington-headquartered SenPhi Technologies has signed a reseller agreement with BI specialist Yellowfin.

The partnership will provide Yellowfin with a national distribution channel in New Zealand.

Esteban Fernandez Drovetta, managing director of SenPhi, said Yellowfin’s ease of use and collaborative capabilities will meet burgeoning demand for consumer-oriented BI in New Zealand and aligned with its approach to the management systems market.

“Yellowfin’s focus on delivering a collaborative business intelligence system that is balanced, simple, and friendly to business users made it an easy decision and a logical fit for our own strategy. Nowadays, organisations are very reliant on their information and how it is transformed and presented.

“Organisations invest millions on their intelligence and rely on that information to make sound decisions addressing critical issues. Many of these organisations have not been able to focus on the results on this information transformation process because of the daunting implementation process of traditional BI tools. Yellowfin provides a simple, easy to implement solution, which addresses this issue,” said Drovetta.

Patrick Elliott, Yellowfin general manager for Asia Pacific, said the partnership with SenPhi would add significant value to its distribution channel in New Zealand.

“In everything that SenPhi does, relevant and quality information has been an integral part of their focus,” said Elliott. “With this background, and their experience across business solutions, we see SenPhi as a long-term strategic partner that will assist Yellowfin to expand its presence in the New Zealand marketplace.”