SAS joins Smart Cities, promotes power of analytics

Smart Cities Council

Analytics leader SAS has become a lead partner on the Smart Cities Council (SCC) as part of the company’s commitment to help cities around the world harness big data and use analytics to transform into cities of the future.

The SCC brings together governments, technology providers and experts to help cities address pressing challenges in new ways such as employing analytics to address smart city priorities such as easing congestion, improving urban services delivery and mitigating environmental threats.

“Analytics and data management are embedded deeply in the Smart Cities Framework, which is used by thousands of cities around the world,” said Jesse Berst, SCC chairman. “SAS has 40 years of experience helping governments run more effectively. That expertise will be invaluable to our members.”

Cities will draw data from a wide array of technologies.

“Imagine millions of transactions per second flowing in from water meters, the power grid, a city’s website, even the auto fleet. That’s way beyond what legacy technologies can capture and analyse,” said Paula Henderson, vice president, SAS state and local government practice.

“To handle larger data challenges, such as sensors in IoT, we’ll need analytics at the edge,” said Henderson. “That’s where cities act on data at the source without pausing to ingest, transport or store it. This is the next frontier that we are anxious to explore alongside the Smart Cities Council and its members.”