Qlik launches free visualisation application

Qlik has launched a free version of its data visualisation application, Qlik Sense Desktop, which provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for business users to create interactive visualisations, reports and dashboards via a standalone, installed Windows client.

The solution includes the Qlik patented data indexing engine to give users the ability to explore the relationships that exist in the data.

According to Qlik, the Sense Desktop solution allows for the assembly and navigation of visualisation apps that can be saved as local files to be shared and opened by other users.

To get started, users can drag an Excel document into the application, or tap into multiple data sources used within the business.

The new solution is free for personal and business use, with no limits on the number of apps that can be created and no restrictions on file sharing.

“Qlik Sense Desktop is a great way to show people who are new to Qlik the power and control you can feel by exploring your own data to make it meaningful, visual and even fun. Our continued commitment to simplicity and ease of use to put users in control is delivering on the promise of true self-service BI,” said Anthony Deighton, Qlik CTO and senior vice president of products.

The complete Qlik Sense offering, expected to be generally available in September 2014, will be server-based, enabling server side development from any device, flexible mobile use, collaboration and sharing, custom development and data integration.

Among the capabilities of Qlik Sense Desktop are:

  • The ability to easily bring multiple data sources from simple Excel files to ODBC accessible databases into the app.
  • Drag-and-drop dashboard creation to build or extend visual analysis.
  • Dynamic exploration, association and combination of information in new ways.
  • Intuitive Smart Visualisations offers cues to help novices explore patterns by dynamically updating and highlighting new information and associations.
  • Data Storytelling to capture insights and share in a presentation format. Users can add commentary and narrative, and drill down into data directly from the presentation.

“With Qlik Sense, we now address the widespread desire for rapid data visualization, dashboards, and visual reporting. This combination provides businesses with broader access to data visualization and discovery that can be leveraged to improve both top-line and bottom-line results for any company,” said Rick Jackson, Qlik CMO.