Predictive analytics at the point of sale

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions has partnered with business analytics provider SAS to deliver advanced predictive analytics at various touchpoints in the retail experience.

According to Toshiba, research shows that consumers are 55 per cent more likely to share personal and shopping behavioural data in exchange for a more customised experience or reward. But while many retailers recognise the value of this data, they are still struggling to capture and make use of it.

By collaborating on an omni-channel solution, Toshiba and SAS will enable retailers to leverage insights wherever consumers interact with technology, to better understand shopper behaviour and assess the success of loyalty and promotions campaigns. The solution will also allow retailers to tap into consumer groups and social networks in order to connect with new customers at critical decision points before, during and after each transaction.

“With SAS Analytics embedded within the Toshiba loyalty management systems they are already purchasing, customers will have an easily accessible, comprehensive solution giving them the long-term option to apply analytics that may have been previously out of their reach,” said Russ Cobb, SAS vice president of global alliances and channels.

With the combined solution, retailers will be able to recognise and react to trends through real-time data visualisation, and identify next best actions to optimise conversions.

“Through our collaboration with SAS, well-known as an industry leader for powerful analytic solutions, Toshiba is further empowering its retail customers to more effectively curate both a personalised and real-time shopping journey for each customer that transcends a multitude of channels,” said Patricia Pepper, vice president of worldwide services, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions.

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