Pentaho provides more support for cloud-based big data

With its new 5.4 release, the Pentaho platform now supports integration with big data platforms Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) and SAP HANA.

Providing capabilities for big data orchestration and analytics at scale, Pentaho 5.4 enables customers to use Amazon EMR to transform and orchestrate data, as well as design and run Hadoop MapReduce in-cluster on EMR.

The Lucky Group, a customer of Amazon Web Services and Pentaho, consolidates, refines and analyses several terabytes of data to drive deeper understanding of retail customer segmentation, acquisition and retention.

“Pentaho was indispensable in transitioning to a cloud-based data architecture, with an adaptive big data layer that ensures business continuity when incorporating new technologies,” said Jay Khavani, senior manager, business intelligence, The Lucky Group.

The integration with SAP HANA enables governed data delivery across multiple structured and unstructured sources, while the 5.4 release also supports integration of Pentaho Data Integration with Apache Spark and provides new APIs to simplify the embedding of analytics into business applications and processes.

Christopher Dziekan, chief product officer, Pentaho, said the latest release is a continuation of the company’s vision to get value out of any data in any environment.

“Our open and adaptable approach means customers choose the best technology for their businesses today without the worry of being locked out in the future,” said Dziekan.

Pentaho was recently acquired by Hitachi Data Systems.