Narratives for BI integrated into SAP’s Lumira

Chicago-based Narrative Science is partnering with SAP to launch Narratives For Business Intelligence, SAP BusinessObjects Lumira edition to take the democratisation of data analysis one step further.

The solution aims to bring enterprise data insights to life with automated narratives that are easily understood and shared by users throughout the organisation for smarter, data-informed decisions at all levels.

While SAP BusinessObjects Lumira enables users to easily and securely share data visualisations across organisations, narratives take it a step further, enabling users not only to see data through charts and graphs but also to easily read and understand important and interesting data insights through storytelling in plain language.

The Integrated Narratives platform is powered by Quill, an advanced natural language generation (NLG) platform that automatically translates complex enterprise data into narratives that can be easily and securely shared throughout the organisation.

Quill uses an organisation’s own business rules to identify thresholds, drivers, trends and relationships to determine what matters most to that business. Then Quill leverages NLG software to produce content that meets the organisation’s communication goals, business rules, tone, style and formatting. Quill then enables dissemination of the information tailored to specific audiences, from regulatory bodies and business partners to employees and consumers

“The potential value of integrated narratives is limitless as data is increasingly informing business decisions across roles, functions and teams,” said Milan Topolic, supply chain functional leader, Coca-Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“With narratives, data becomes universally accessible as users can instantly understand and share insights about what is impacting their organisation.”

The integration of narratives is a natural extension of SAP’s continuous quest for innovation. Automated storytelling, powered by advanced NLG, is the next innovation in eliciting valuable business insights from massive amounts of enterprise data for smarter business decisions throughout the organisation.