MetricStream launches cloud GRC BI solution with Tableau

GRC management app provider MetricStream has released a GRC Cloud Business Intelligence with Tableau, to enable cloud customers to transform their raw risk and compliance data into on-demand analytics and risk intelligence.

According to MetricStream, the new Tableau offering will allow customers to discover, analyse, and visualise large sets of GRC data in real time.

The solution includes preconfigured dashboards and anytime, anywhere data access.

The MetricStream GRC Cloud is currently used by customers of all sizes, including large public enterprises, small and medium sized privately held organisations, and government entities, across industries.

Vasant Balasubramanian, vice president, product management, MetricStream, said its customers will benefit from actionable GRC insights that can support faster decision-making and drive better business performance.

“MetricStream’s GRC Cloud Business Intelligence with Tableau will enable our cloud customers to aggregate, analyse, and visualise GRC datasets across their ERM, Audit, and Compliance Apps to achieve 360-degree real-time visibility into risk and compliance across the enterprise,” said Balasubramanian.