MapR launches Customer 360 QSS marketing solution powered by machine learning


Dave Jespersen, MapR

MapR Technologies has introduced the MapR Customer 360 Quick Start Solution (QSS) to deliver real-time customer analysis to help marketing organisations improve their customer experience, targeting and revenue programs.

Powered by the MapR Converged Data Platform, the new solution uses advanced, real-time analytics and machine learning to bring real-time data to the point of sale, an ecommerce site or even a social interaction.

“In the C-Suite, CMOs may have the most to gain and the most to offer by adopting real-time Customer 360 use cases,” said Dave Jespersen, senior vice president, worldwide services, MapR Technologies. “Digital marketers now have enormously powerful tools with which to understand and adjust to how customer and markets evolve and this Quick Start Solution puts them on the fast track for realising the benefits.”

The Customer 360 QSS plans and executes machine learning models to provide the basis for the CMO to address advanced data-driven marketing use cases, including micro segmentation, cross sell/upsell, call centre and customer churn analytics, and content targeting recommendation engine.

Included as part of the QSS, MapR Professional Services provide one week of discovery and planning and five weeks of development and project execution. The execution stage includes data source curation, machine-learning iterations, knowledge transfer to implement/maintain the solution, and ongoing training and consultation about tools and use case roadmap.

The MapR Converged Data Platform delivers distributed processing, real-time analytics and enterprise-grade requirements, both in the cloud and on-premise and leverages open source technologies including Spark and Hadoop.