Making building custom analytical apps easy


BI and analytics software vendor Yellowfin has created a new browser-based framework to make it easy for customers and software partners to create custom analytical applications for users.

“Creating highly customised analytical functionality and applications has always been difficult,” said Yellowfin CEO Glen Rabie. “Application managers and developers had two choices. Firstly, they could simply use an out-of-the-box BI tool, which limited their control over product design and user interaction. Alternatively, they sued open source charting libraries to create a tailored charting experience, but lost the analytical functionality and security of an analytics platform such as Yellowfin.”

While the first challenge meant compromising on the uniqueness of the user experience, the second required significant development work.

Yellowfin’s DashXML framework is a Java application that communicates with Yellowfin via a web services API to take advantage of all the features of the BI platform, including reports, filters and security capabilities, while allowing freedom around design, layout and user interaction.

Developers can create content and security permissions in Yellowfin, and then configure and style the analytical functionality using DashXML.

“Importantly, DashXML empowers developers to deliver a unique analytical experience for information consumers. The tailored reporting and analytics functionality, developed via Dash XML, gives Yellowfin clients and software partners the ability to expose new audiences to the power of BI, growing the potential number of BI users and use cases,” said Yellowfin director of product marketing, John Ryan.

DashXML can be configured alongside Yellowfin or on a separate server. Existing Yellowfin customers can download DashXML at no cost:

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